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Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies? #Joke

Looking for a laugh of two? Below, we have today's posting of the top 10m best jokes that we found online!

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    Here is today' collection of the top ten favorite jokes of the day!
  1. Little Brian,"The principal is so dumb!"
    Girl, "Do you know who I am?"
    Little Brian, "No..."
    Girl, "I am the principal's daughter!"
    Little Brian, "Do you know who I am?"
    Little Brian, "Good!" and walks away*

  2. Got arrested at the airport last week. Apparently, security doesn't appreciate it when you call "shotgun" before boarding a plane.

  3. Q: Why was there thunder and lightning in the lab?
    A: The scientists were brainstorming!

  4. Q: Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?
    A: Neither, they both weigh a ton!

  5. On wall in ladies room "My husband follows me everywhere..."
    Written just below it "I do not".

  6. When I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday.
    She said "Just gimme something with diamonds."
    That's why I got her a pack of cards.

  7. Q: What did the painter say to the wall?
    A: One more crack like that and I'll plaster you!

  8. Q: What kind of key opens a banana?
    A monkey!

  9. "Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud." "Yes sir, it's fresh ground."

  10. Q: Why is Basketball such a messy sport?
    A: Because you dribble on the floor!

  11. For More Short Jokes

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Holding Onto A Cactus

Best Oakley Sunglasses - Top 10 Websites. I like to share my favorite top ten (10) sites that I found today, "Did you know the real name of is", random facts about three of the states in U.S.A. and my favorite quote of the day. I have also included my favorite classic song and its lyrics and a great video for you to check out!

Here is today's favorite love quote, "Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like holding onto a cactus! The tighter that you hold on, the more it hurts!"

Loving someone who doesnt love you back, love quote, BrianMc
Holding Onto A cactus

Top Ten Favorites Sites or Blogs and these websites are in no particular order.
  1. Nelson Mandealla quotes

  2. Proud Canadians

  3. Alabama-Make Money

  4. Improve Your Web Traffic

  5. No Bake Cookies Rice Krispies Peanut Butter Bars

  6. Free Kindle Books

  7. Beatles, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga Quotes

  8. Tips For Promoters

  • Here is some information about the country of Wallis and Futuna.
    The conventional long form of Wallis and Futuna is the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands.
    The conventional short form is Wallis and Futuna.
    The local long form is Territoire des Iles Wallis et Futuna.
    The local short form is Wallis et Futuna.
  • Quote of the day: "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." by Peter Ustinov
  • Did you know that the real name of famous musician Madonna is Madonna Louise Ciccone
  • Did you know that the real name of famous actor Ginger Rogers is Virginia Katherine McMath
  • Does the State of Iowa owe you money? Iowa Unclaimed MoneyUnclaimed money information can be found at the bottom of Iowa Money blog!
  • Today's favorite classic song and its lyrics is That Should Be Me Song Lyrics by Justin Bieber
  • Did you know that the state flower of Arizona is Saguaro Cactus Blossom (Carnegiea gigantea)
  • Did you know that the capital city of Wisconsin is Madison
  • Did you know that the state motto of Washington is "Al-Ki"(Indian word meaning “by and by”)
  • Blue Whale. Did you know that at 188 decibels, the whistle of the blue whale is the loudest sound produced by any animal.
  • Interesting facts about money, did you know that in March 1793, the U.S. Mint produced 11,178 copper cents,its first circulating coins.
  • Today's Pinterest board is Angelina Jolie Pics
  • Today's Ten Free Backlinks
  • Today's Extra Money Making Opportunity is from Cashcrate-How To Make Money
  • My favorite video of the day is

    Funny Short Quotes
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  • Is Cashcrate A Scam. Another “Get Paid To” Survey Scam Site?

  • Posting updated on November 24th 2013 and bad outbound links removed!