No Bake Christmas Cookies

I am a big fan of not wasting energy..Okay..commonly known as cheap!

One way that I saved on Electricity this Christmas was by not using the oven as much as I did last year!

This year instead of baking cookies, I collected some "no bake cookies" recipes and with the family help, made a whole bunch of no-bake cookies for Christmas!

Not only did we save money by not using the oven, we also had some family fun!

Pretty sure that when my kids are my age, they will be probably be doing the same thing with my grandkids! are the recipes for the "no bake cookies" that I used! All easy to make and hard to keep till Christmas! Nothing tastes better than a freshly made cookie!

  1. Coconut BonBons

  2. Cherry Balls

  3. Strufoli

  4. CornFlake Wreath Cookies

  5. Bourbon Balls

  6. Birds Nest

  7. Ho Ho Snow Balls

  8. White Christmas Cookies

  9. Eskimo Cookies

  10. Peanut Butter or BuckEyes Cookies

Since I am planning on making some more no bake cookies to hand out, will post more recipes! So stay tuned!

Feel free to leave a comment especially with any no bake recipes that you feel like sharing! Updated by BrianMc

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