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How did a fool and his money get together? Things to Ponder (8)?

Another posting of have you ever wondered?

  1. Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?
  2. Does fuzzy logic tickle?
  3. Why do bananas grow upward and all other fruits grow downward?
  4. Are people born stupid or do they have to work at it?
  5. How did a fool and his money get together?
Banana GIf
"Banana GIf"

Feel free to add any "things to Ponder" here by leaving a comment with them!

Making Money Songs!

Here is a list of my favorite songs to make money too! Music to motivate me and put me in the extra money making mode! Enjoy ♫ !

  1. Pink Floyd Money ! A classic Pink Floyd song that I can never get enough of!

  2. Beatle Money! Another classic song by the Beatles!

  3. ABBA Money! Remember ABBA? A popular band of the 70's and part of the 80's

  4. 50 Cent Money ! 50 Cent sure is a popular recording artist of the 2000's!

  5. Liza Minnelli Money A classic Liza Minelli are her best! A little different (okay way different) than the others posted here but still great money music!

If you have a extra money making song that you feel I should listen..well just leave a comment!


Focus Groups

FOCUS GROUPS..You may be asking yourself, "what is a focus group?" or "what is the difference between a survey and focus group?"

The basic difference between doing a survey on a survey site and being part of a focus group is that a survey ranges from 10 to 30 questions. They are normally short and fast to fill out. While, being part of a focus groups, you are asked a series of questions, you send out your response and then you receive another series of questions. Because of time and your effort involved, you get paid much more.

Two of the best paying and highly recommended focus groups are Paid Surveys Online and
Survey Scout
(surveys and a focus group sites). These two site have been around a long time and have a "A+" reputation for paying you on time!

You should receive your first paying focus survey within the first week or two after joining up. It all depends on your "profile" (male or female, your location, etc.) Sometimes you'll receive your first paid survey within the first day or two of joining.

If your are looking into some "free surveys sites" to a Top Paying Free Survey Sites review!

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