Sunshine Nazareth

One of the best ever classic rock ballad is Sunshine from the band, Nazareth!
The lyrics, video and a picture images is listed below!

Sunshine Lyrics

Sunshine, every single day
Helps to light my way
And darlin', right before my eyes
It don't come as no surprise
That it's easy
Easy lovin' you

And baby,'til you came along
There was always something wrong
Around me
There was emptiness of course
But it's alright
And it's easy
Easy lovin' you

And sunshine, having you around
You're the light I never found
And darlin',every minute you're away
But it's brighter
And it's easy
Easy lovin' you

Sunshine Video

Sunshine Lyrics In A Image!
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Image adapted by BrianMc, lyrics taken directly off of the "Greatest Hits (Nazareth album)"