Why is a black light not black? Things to Ponder?

Another posting of have you ever wondered?
Yes, some of the following might be kinda of stupid but also they can be thought provoking!

I have also included a image (quote) about not cheating on someone that is loyal to you! Sad, to say that it does happen!

  1. Where do forest rangers go to get away from it all?
  2. If taught do gorillas really understand sign language?
  3. Why is toilet paper scented?
  4. Why is a black light not black?
  5. Why is it when a door is open it`s ajar but when a jar is open isn`t not adoor?
Feel free to add any "things to Ponder" here by leaving a comment with them!

Today's Image

If you cheat on someone, BrianMc, quote, imageCheating Quote

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