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Two Cute Husky Pups - Before And After

Two cute puppies, before and after, via
Cute Husky Puppies (Before and After Sketch)

More Before and after sketches Rhino (Before and after sketch)

Welcome, to today's blog posting. You will notice that the above image of two cute puppies has a new (maybe totally unique) twist to it?

We are doing "before and after" images of some of our favorite pics. The above above is a actual photo of two husky pups playing and the one below is a "sketch".
feel free to leave a comment, below. See you soon!

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Extra Cute Dog Pic

Cute Vety Young Puppy

Today's posting is kind of real extra personal one, I am about to show a pic of a "family member"! Okay, if you read the title of this posting, then you already have a good idea, who or what kind of image that I am about to share! If you haven't, which would be highly unusual (rare) for someone not to read the title of a posting, let me post the pic, (yes a picture can be worth a thousand words! Too bad, search engines don't credit a posting that has a pic with a extra 1000 words.. I sure wouldn't be scrambling for words to fill up a posting, yeah, in case you are wondering, writing contest is sure not my forte!) Okay enough rambling!

Drum roll please!

Originally posted on my Redgage page.

Was I wrong, isn't that a extra cute photo of a dog?

Okay, if you are still reading this, here is a little information about my "family member"! I named this dog, (okay going to amaze you with my creativity here, (another drum roll please)) ... Red!

Yes, I do have a creative side (lol), in actuality, did have a better dog name in mind but was persuaded by a very cute 4 year old niece who has her Uncle (me) wrapped around her finger!

Now here is a little history (sure not going to try to top the amazing/cute part with the name, so let classify this as the boring part). Every day, I take Red for a walk to my local and favorite coffee shop, Tim Hortons (shameless plug, if anyone from Tim Hortons's read this, sure would appreciate a "gift card")where I order my favorite coffee and get "Red" his favorite tread, a "Tim Bit" (a small donut).

now the look of "Red's" face is what I like to refer too as his, "let's do a cute begging pose, till I get my treat" look! Okay, guess I rambled on long enough, to end this posting, just would like to say, if all dogs were like Red (kind, gentle, loyal and all those other positive words) the world would be a better place!

Bonus Cute Puppy Pic

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppies

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Top Ten Best Bulldog Pictures

Top Ten Best Bulldog Pictures Here is our top ten collection of our "Today's Choice For Best Bulldog Image Of The Day". Hope you enjoy our collection of the best 9 bulldog pictures (photo) of the Bulldog that we found online. Feel free to "pin any of these images to Pinterest" (hover over the image that you like and you will see the "pin it" button, which will let you "pin" it to your favorite board) and or add them to your Facebook page (just copy and paste this blog posting URL)!
Leave a comment on today's pic especially if you know of anymore great pics of Bulldogs.
  1. A male Bulldog puppy. A male Bulldog puppy, #Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  2. English Bulldog  English Bulldog,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  3. English Bulldog 2English Bulldog,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  4. Two sleeping BulldogsTwo sleeping Bulldogs,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  5. Clyde, the English Bulldog puppyClyde, the english bulldog puppy,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  6. Cute Bulldog puppiesCute Bulldog puppies,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  7. Adorable Bulldog puppy 3adorable Bulldog puppy,#Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

  8. Extra Cute Bulldog puppyExtra Cute Bulldog puppy, #Bulldog
    Image courtesy of

Information about the Bulldog:
Bulldog is the name for a breed of dog commonly referred to as the English Bulldog. Other Bulldog breeds include the American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, and the French Bulldog (source=Wikipedia)

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