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Free Web Sites_Free Blogs

If you want to have your own blog or website to help you make extra money online. I have compiled a list for you to check out.

Here are some free blogging sites for you to check out! I have listed these by how easy they are to use!
  1. Blogger. Probably the easiest site to start blogging from! Another added bonus is that you can set up Google Adsense and make extra money by having people visit your sites. Well, there more to Adsense than that but pretty sure you can pick it up fast!

  2. (site removed) Now, this site has great tutorials and another way to make money from just adding content (again more that, just read the FAQ's) or even something you are very knowledgeable at (that goes for all the blogs and site listed here)! Pays you by Paypal when you reach the minimum payout and adsense.

  3. Hubpages A site similiar to Squidoo! You can also earn money there!

  4. If you are good a writing fast review by comparing at least 3 products or if you can rate at least 3 different products. Another free site to join and make exta money from is Best Reviews

  5. WordPress
    Another great blogging platform, little different than blogger but has more "widgets"!

  6. Live Journal Another useful blogging platform, also worth checking out
Here are some free websites with free hosting that are worth taking a look at! They are in no particular order! Also it is a good idea to read the FAQ's, to see the pros and cons of these free websites, blogs and templates! Also, I have includes some free website templates for you to check out and use!
Feel free to leave a comment with any free websites or free web template that you would like to share!