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Top Ten Best Prince Song Quotes

Collection of our top ten best song quotes from Prince, we have included top Prince videso as a added bonus
  1. Your face is jamming, your body's hip for slamming, if love is good, let's get to ramming. - Prince, U Got The Look

  2. What's underneath your hair, is there anybody living in there? - Prince, Pop Life

  3. You've got the look, it must have took a whole hour just to make up your face. - Prince, U Got The Look

  4. You don't have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude. - Prince, Kiss

  5. You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need your body, baby, from dusk to dawn. - Prince, Kiss

  6. I guess I should a known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn't last. - Prince, Little Red Corvette

  7. I'm not a woman, I'm not a man, I am something that you'll never understand. - Prince, I Would Die For You

  8. Maybe I’m just like my father, he's never satisfied. - Prince, When Doves Cry

  9. If you don't like the world you're living in, take a look around you, at least you got friends. - Prince, Let's Go Crazy

  10. Act your age and not your shoe size. - Prince, Kiss
Bonus Lyrics

  1. U walked in, I woke up. I never seen a pretty girl. Look so tough, baby. U got that look - Prince, U Got The Look

Best Prince Song Quotes Images
  • Top Prince Song Quotes, images
    Top Prince Song Quotes, images

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    When Doves Cry

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