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Here is a picture of one on my favorite all time sports cars, the 1966 Corvette! Isn't she a sexy girl!

1966 Corvette
1966 Red Corvette

1966 Corvettes Pinterest

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Just in case you didn't know this..I am the author of the following blogs! Well, I am not gonna post all of them! Just a few or my "jewels"!

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  4. Very Cute Baby Pics! On this blog, visitor submits their favorite baby pic or even toddler pics and I post them!

    I share the things that I do to get more traffic to my blogs! Every tip or suggestion, I have tried and used personally! Kinda of my SEO diary!

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  5. Money Making Tips For Teens. Shared a few tips and suggestions for how teens can make a little extra money online and even make money offline!

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  1. For both #3 and #4 you linked to your "get more web traffic" blog.


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