Before And After Sketch - Can You Answer These Legal Adoption Questions

Baby before and after sketch
Sleeping Baby (Before and After Sketch)

Hope, you enjoyed our before and after sketch of a cute, sleeping baby holding his daddies hand

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Today's question is "Can You Answer These Legal Questions". How well do you know the law and the legal profession? How smart are you when it comes to legal matters? Can you answer any of the following 5 legal type questions? The following questions are in the "Legal Adoption" category
Some of these question fall into the Legal Adoption category
  1. Requirements for adoption?( Question)
  2. Free online adoption forms (Legal Adoption Question)
  3. How does the baby adoption process work? (Legal Adoption Question)
  4. Can my boyfriend adopt my children without us being married (Legal Adoption Question)
  5. How do I put my baby up for adoption? (Legal Adoption Question)
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