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Here are today's picks for the top 5 Best Beatles song quotes (short lyrics) of all time. If you are a fan of the Beatles, you should recognize these songs, if you don't, well, that is understandable, there were plenty of songs recorded by the Beatles and all of them are great!
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Today's Top Five Best Beatles Song Quotes

  1. Mundo paparazi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol. Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel. - The Beatles, Sun King

  2. Here come old flat top, he come grooving out slowly. He got joo joo eye ball, he one holy roller, he got hair down to his knee, got to be a joker he just do what he please. - The Beatles, Come Together

  3. Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about. - The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever

  4. Nowhere man, the world is at your command. - The Beatles, Nowhere Man

  5. You tell me it's the institution, well you know, you better free your mind instead. - The Beatles, Revolution

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