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Make Money Surveys - Top 10 Websites I like to share my favorite top 10 Internet sites that I found today, "Did you know the real name of is", random facts about three of the states in U.S.A. and my favorite quote of the day. I have also included my favorite classic song and its lyrics and a great video for you to check out! Top Ten Favorites Sites or Blogs and these websites are in no particular order.
  1. Treasure Trooper Review
  2. Review of Your Voice
  3. How To Buy A DVR Digital Video Recorder
  4. Make Money Surveys
  5. Top Nintendo Wii Games. A Top Site Product reviews gives you a honest review of the popular Nintendo Wii Games and it's related categories, Action Games, Casino Games, Sports Games, Racing Games, Role-Playing Games and Arcade Games
  6. Stonehenge Quiz
  7. Best Beatles Music
Here a few more fun facts and websites for you.
  • Quote of the day is "The single biggest issue that I'm very sensitive to is inflation. I'm very concerned that this extended period where the interest rates were quite low and stimulated a lot of activity could breed inflation and create a problem for us."Billionaire Sam Zell Quote
  • Here is some information about the country of Belize. There is no conventional long form of Belize. The conventional short form is Belize The former name of Belize is British Honduras
  • Did you know that the state motto of Iowa is "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain"
  • Did you know that the state flower of Wisconsin is Wood Violet (Viola papilionacea)
  • Did you know that the capital city of New Hampshire is Concord
  • Did you know that the real name of famous actor Winona Ryder is Winona Laura Horowitz
  • Today's favorite classic song and its lyrics is I Saw Her Standing There Lyrics by The Beatles
  • Today's Pinterest board is Chocolate Addicts My favorite video of the day is

    Beatles Happy Birthday Song
    As a final extra bonus, for you, here is the best deal of the day that I found online:
    Today's Best deal at Amazon

  • Is Cashcrate A Scam. Another “Get Paid To” Survey Scam Site?
  • Money Making Website Review

  • Posting updated on November 24th 2013 and bad outbound links removed!

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