One of these days is none of those days.

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Don't Forget To Be Awesome

One of these days is none of those days. is my saying for today (October 30th)!

Quote of the day: "Never eat more than you can lift." by Miss Piggy

Word of the day: dactylogram - noun: a fingerprint

October 30th is the 303rd day of the year (304th in a leap year) and there are 61 days left until the end of the year.

If today is your Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

If you would like your birthday or a family member, Or even a friends birthday included in my "Birthday List", just leave a comment with all the pertinent information like Name, Nickname, occupation and date of birth!

  • My Niche of the Day is Hello Kitty Gifts!

    Does the Government Owe You Money?

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