Gratitude Posting!

I am sure lucky that I have made a few solid friends that I network with! Kinda of "I help them and they help me" relationship! For instance, just today, I had two separates instances of these friends helping me out!

  • First instance, a friend noticed a typo in my
    Very cute baby pictures blog! A kinda of really embarrassing typo, spelling a baby name wrong! probably little more than embarrassing! Really grateful that she pointed that out before that posting been online too long!

  • Second instance, a friend left a comment, that was informative and more important..a comment that required feedback! Why is this important? Well the blog is my Get more web traffic (a free SEO info) blog where I share the things that I do to get more traffic to my sites and blogs! So getting "posting" related comments that encourage feedback is one of the suggestions that I make on that blog!

    So on that my my way of thanking them..Please visit their sites! Oh ya the links are in no particular order or importance!

    1. Earn Money For Fun
    2. Grandma makes money online
    3. I Need Money

    In case you noticed, I thanked two people but then post three "gratitude" links. Well the person that not mentioned above is always great for backlinks, so are the other two but he/she has a highly ranked site! So I basically sent some "link love" back!
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